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Estonia is well known as a eCountry with many revolutionar eDevelopments. We have eGovernment, eBusiness Register, eLand Register, eNotary, digital signature etc.

Addenda has professional expertize about e-authentication and e-signing. We do analyze of Legal Acts and Law, we consultate you on harmonisation of juridical system.

We are ready to introduce you our experience in e-government policy planning and implementation, organizational setup, legal and technical frameworks for e-authentication and e-signing.

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Judicial Area and Trust - How Can I Trust a Trust Service Provider?

Businesses, consumers and public authorities of today are carrying out an increasing amount of transactions electronically and trying to adopt their existing or new services to the online environment. Electronic signatures and authentication methods may ensure trustworthy and easy means of communication but parties should be aware of several legal issues related with electronic signatures. Service providers offering their services in the EU should be aware of the complex legal and practical problems regarding the electronic signatures. The question on everybody's mind is how to conclude agreements in the electronic form and use and/or offer crossborder eservices in a credible and sustainable manner so that these agreements would be legally binding.

The advanced electronic signature is equal to a handwritten signature and has the same legal consequences as the handwritten one. It is important to distinguish though that not every electronic signature has that legal meaning. An electronic signature is considered an advanced electronic signature if it fulfills certain requirements. Even if parties are using advanced electronic signatures, attention should be paid on applicable laws of each involved country and the user's right to access their esigned documents, especially if one signing party is the consumer..

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